Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Top 5 Things That Make Me Better


1. Going to bed by 10 and getting up at 5

2. Eating the right thing even when I am stressed/tired/
unhappy, or traveling

3. Getting to the track for my sprint workout when it is 
still dark out

4. Working out six days a week

5. Trying harder than I have before

In college I did not set goals for myself; I did not have high expectations for my performance.  I was “good,” and 80% of the time my ‘good’ was enough for me and for my team.  I settled.  I think I knew it was not enough, but I was waiting for someone else to push me.  I left college never having tried as hard as I could and I was not satisfied.

As a teacher I work with students everyday who are so scared of failing they do not try.  One day I realized the same thing about myself; I was terrified to fail.  

Now I want to be better.  I want to try, and I want it to be hard.  I am still scared that it might be too hard but I am trying anyway.  I have set goals for myself now that I might not achieve.  I am trying to find the limits of what my body can do.  I am trying to figure out how much better I can be.

You might fail, but you might not.  If you do not fail your mind and your body have just reached a new level of strength.  If you do fail you know you need to work harder, and you need to try again.

Share your thoughts, failures, and successes: what makes you better?

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