Who I Am

Welcome! My name is Meredith, and I am in training. I am a Crossfitter, a basketball player, and a football player. I am an athlete. I like to be able to run in my work clothes, and I stretch in public places.

I am a Teaching Fellow for Citizen Schools in Boston, MA and a graduate student at Lesley University. I am playing in my second season in the C.A.C. basketball league in Cambridge and I am just starting my fifth month training at Crossfit Boston. I am (tentatively/hopefully!) on the roster as a wide-receiver for the the Boston Militia, Boston's Semi-Pro Women's Football Team, in January.  

I played basketball at Wesleyan University for four years, and since my career as a college athlete ended I have been looking for a competitive outlet. After going through so many "seasons" of competition I felt lost for how to fill my time after graduation; I needed a new challenge.  

My challenge: to become a better athlete than I was in college. Check out my first ETC post and what makes "better" The Top 5 Things That Make Me Better.

Contact Me: meredithgl@gmail.com
Check out my other blog to see my other work!

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