Sunday, February 6, 2011

Are YOU Ready for a Challenge??

UPDATE:  I have just updated ETC to include my:
"Want a Challenge?" Page

This page has an index of challenges and rules that will make you better!  Competitions get me excited and they make me better.  Choose from 6 Different Challenges today and start getting better!

My favorite (and a challenge I am starting today!):

POST HERE: what challenge are you going to pick???

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Shoulder Pads in the Mail! (and the end of the Whole30)

The roster for the Militia has not been finalized yet, but I have made it through January cuts and position moving!  Consequently it looks pretty good :)  First game against @ D.C. Divas April 2nd.

In other news I completed the final day of my Whole30 experience this past Wednesday!!


The Whole30 was a great experience for me.  I cleaned up my diet more than I ever have in my life.  I took sugar, salt and processing out.  My body feels great!  I have consistent energy levels throughout the day, there is never a day where my stomach hurts, or I don't feel "quite right."  The best, and completely unforeseen result has been my sleep.  In the last week and a half of the Whole30 I started waking up 10 minutes before my alarm every morning.  At first I thought my body was just making a mistake but it has been consistent every day, and I am not going to sleep or waking up at the same time either.  I am not sure what the "science" is behind this.  That said, the past week and half, my mornings have been the calmest and most lovely part of my day.

Honestly, I would keep the Whole30 going just to have mornings like this, and I think that is exactly what I am going to do: