1. Play for the Boston Militia

2. 5 kipping pull-ups

3. Deadlift 1.5x body weight (approximately 245lbs)

4. Back Squat 1.5x body weight (approximately 245lbs)

5. Meet Crossfit Level II Bodyweight Milestones in 12 months (see below)

"m"-men's benchmark
"w"-women's benchmark

pistols- this is a great description, with a short 13 second video on pistols from Crossfit Intrepid
burpees- this is a youtube Crossfit Burpee Demo
stationary dips- this is a link to the Crossfit Main Page, where they have movies of almost every Crossfit exercise, scroll down to Crossfit Exercises > Dips

All benchmarks thoughtfully crafted and courtesy of Crossfit Boston!