Want a Challenge?

Do you get better results when you are competing with someone else?  Do you like having a partner or a team to hold you accountable?

If you answered "Yes!" to either of those questions this page is for you!  Challenges are great because:

1. You have a goal (there is something you want)
2. They are for a certain amount of time (you know when it will end)
3. There is a plan (someone else has done this before and been successful, you can be too!)
4. You get to have a partner! (people genuinely want to try to do things that are hard but sometimes they need an extra-little push--welcome to the challenge page)


These challenges are ideas for things to try, make them your own, and look for other challenges you want to do!  Any questions/comments/additions please shoot me an email or post a comment!

1. 60-Day Push-up Challenge 

2. 30-Day Pull-up Challenge

3. Whole30 (60, 90, etc.)

4. Coffee Detox

5. The Interstate Challenge

6. The "No Excuses" Mini-WOD Challenge

Any questions/comments/additions please shoot me an email or post a comment!

1. 60-Day Push-up Challenge:
You do 1 push-up on day 1, you do 15 push-ups on day 15.  If you miss a day that number gets added to the number for the next day (i.e. if you miss day 20, on day 21 you need to do 41).  These push-ups do not need to be consecutive, but you should work on doing more reps in a row every day.  These push-ups do need to be "chest-to-deck," which means your chest touches the deck.  No exceptions.  When you get to the deck, release your hands, push back up.  You can do these push ups on your knees, your toes, or in a handstand!  Start today, you only need to do one.

2. 30-Day Pull-up Challenge:
You do 2 pull-ups on day 2, and 28 on day 28.  If you miss a day that number gets added to the number for the next day (i.e. if you miss day 20, on day 21 you need to do 41).  These pull-ups do not need to be consecutive.  These are dead-hang pull-ups, which means you start all the way down and go all the way up every time.  You can alternate your grips (pull-up vs. chin-up vs. mixed) but remember to challenge yourself.  If chin-ups are easy, it's time to develop a new kind of strength!

3. Whole30 (60, 90, etc.)
I seriously believe in the power of the Whole30.  This 30-days will change your sleep, your energy, your mood, and it will change your relationship with food.  The Whole30 is a wealth of information, check it out!  It is worth it.

4. Coffee Detox
If you think you might be addicted you probably are.  Just stop drinking it.  Black coffee is not necessarily a bad thing to have in your diet, but addiction is a bad thing to have in your diet.
Step 1: Take a 30-day break
Step 2: Spend another 30 days drinking one cup a day, black
Step 3: Read about a coffee-addicted crossfitter's 30-day journey here at Cosmopolitan Primal Girl

5. The Interstate Challenge (this is a challenge I am currently in with friends in Boston and Philly, end date feb. 28th!)
This is a challenge I came across on another blog, The Clothes Make The Girl and I thought it would be a great way to extend the Whole30 by adding a couple weeks and an element of competition!  Here are the rules:
  • Consume NO grains (1 point)
  • Consume NO sugar (1 point)
  • Consume NO alcohol (1 point)
  • Sleep a minimum of 8 hours within each 24-hour period (1 point)
  • Complete your weekly Workouts per the contract you make with yourself, i.e. 3x per week (1 point)
  • Log in your exercise journal (1 point)
  • Log in your food journal (1 point)
  • Try a new recipe (1 point)
  • Stretch for 10 minutes per day or do the Mobility WOD at www.mobilitywod.com (1 point)

    Total your points every week and compare with your partners, teammates, or competition.  To incentivize this feel free to add a buy-in for the finisher with the most points, or a challenging workout for the finisher with the least points.  Keep track with googledocs makes this seriously easy.  Create a doc and share it with your friends.  Go.

    Master Sheet comparing everyone's weekly point totals

    My weekly point tracker with additional goals I wanted to track
    6. The "No Excuses" Mini-WOD Challenge
    This challenge has emerged from an insightful blog post about stress from Caroline Wolf and a GREAT post from Crossfit Omaha about sweating the small stuff.  

    Get a workout in every day!  8-15 minutes of your day, every morning, every evening, whenever it fits in for you.  You do not need equipment (if you do I have added options for substituting), you can be barefoot, you can be bleary-eyed, you do not need to have breakfast first.  Just do it.

    I am doing this Challenge currently.  Here are your first 6 workouts, they will be updated every week!