Thursday, January 13, 2011


More MUST KNOW information on The Taste Trifecta.

I was recently sent this article posted on GOOP by a friend who, after reading it, decided it was time for a sugar-detox.  This article is a powerful and concise reminder of why I am detoxing as we speak.  Dr. Frank Lipman in, Overcoming Sugar Addiction also offers many tips to deal with sugar cravings for WHEN you decide to get off this "socially acceptable" drug.  Check out this article and/or see my short summary below!

We learned that all of the components of The Taste Trifecta, sugar, fat, and salt, create pathways in our brains that keep us coming back for more.  Sugar gives us a high and then drops us off in the deep end.  This crash leaves us feeling terrible and looking for a pick-me-up, usually in the form of guess what?  Sugar.  It is important to note here that sugar does not only come in a granular form!  Sugar is the basis of all refined-white flours which means bagels, pasta, crackers, and bread.

Sugar not only makes you feel crazy but it also causes inflammation, reduces your ability to fight off illness, and causes diabetes!

Dr. Frank Lipman explains that addictive quality of sugar and makes several great recommendations about how to kick the habit.

In one study sited by Lipman, rats who were ADDICTED to cocaine, chose sugar when they were offered both sugar and cocaine.  

That is just not okay.  We should not be putting things in our bodies on a regular basis that are stronger than narcotics.  Just because it exists does not mean it is a good idea!  And Lipman tells us the reason we keep thinking it is a good idea is because we have turned a, "biochemically harmful substance into a comfort food."

Finally, here are my top three favorite recommendations for Lipman on how to kick the sugar addiction  (many more are offered in the actual article)!

1. Choose whole foods to eat--the less processed the better
2. Detox--give your brain a chance to recover and make new pathways
3. Learn what sugar hides in--artificial sweeteners, white flour, "sucrose," "dextrose" etc...

Share your thoughts/Start your detox!

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