Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Whole30 and A(nother) Public Display of Data

We can accomplish more together.

If we share our goals, I will know why you want to succeed.  I can challenge your strength and you will do more than you thought you could.   

If we share our fears, I will know why you are scared.  I can help you find strength in a moment where you thought failure was inevitable.  I knew you were never weak.  

You will hold me accountable and I will do the same for you.  Our fears and our desires are our strongest propellants; both are hard to admit to ourselves, and they are even harder to admit to someone else.  BUT say you did, say you could.

When you ask yourself what you really want, and you set goals that seem a little impossible, but they are really what you desire, believe that you are strong enough to share your goals and your fears with someone else.  

You will hold yourself more accountable if you have figured out WHY you want something.  You will hold yourself more accountable if you know someone is going to ask you if you accomplished your goal that day.

I have 6 long-term goals that I am committing to; every month there are short-term actions that I need to take to meet those goals.  Not all of these goals are "training" related, so I will leave the others out.  The remaining two are:

1. Free myself from my vices!

2. Focus on a movement

I will say more about the latter in coming posts, however for the first here is the deal and it is beginning on January 5th, 2011: 

-No sugar
-No grains
-No processed food
-No alcohol 

Click below to get the fine print.  The Whole30 knows what's up.  Their blog provides resources, support, and the necessary tough-love it takes to do something hard and new.

This is my calendar, that I have posted above my desk as a public display of data that will track:
1. Paleo
-if I ate completely "clean"
2. Vitamins
-if I took Vitamin D, Fish Oil, and Glucosamine/Chondroitin for my joints
3. Mood 
-how I felt detoxing from things like sugar and carbs :)

I am scared to have put so much time into these thoughts and quite honestly into this calendar, to not be successful with my 30-day adventure.  That said, I would like to think I have done harder things, and it is only 30 days...

Join me!  Make a public display and post it here.  It will be better if you decide come along for the ride.


  1. Meredith,

    Welcome aboard the Whole30! If you're having any trouble, check in with everyone in the comments section of this post: It's like a virtual support group :) Good luck.


    Dallas @ Whole9

  2. Thank you Dallas! I appreciate you coming by and the support. I will definitely check in.

    Take care,