Sunday, December 26, 2010

UPDATE: Football Tryouts

Last Thursday I went to my first tryout/player evaluation for the Boston Militia!  This tryout was the first step of many, to become a member of the Boston Militia and play semi-pro women’s football.

After filling out 9 different forms, releases, and waivers about everything from insurance to pictures to equipment requirements, I arrived at the Harvard “Bubble” for an 8-10PM workout. 

Approximately 36 other women came out to the Harvard Dome with what seemed like a 50-50 split of returning players and prospective athletes. 

To an outsider, a team says, “this is how we do things here,” with the small stuff.  How do they line up?  Do they clap and cheer for each other?  What is important in this practice right now?

It became immediately apparent that there is a way that this team does things.  We lined up to run our warm-up laps: one column, four across, no gaps.  Veteran players organized and directed from the front and the back. 

Throughout the entire practice veterans took the lead, ran to every station, broke out groups, and high-fived every player. 

I am glad this is the team I am trying to be a part of.    

The coaches made it clear that this practice was for us to learn the drills and the skills they will be using and looking for later.  Physically the tryout was not particularly demanding, but they assured us it would get harder fast and I absolutely believe them J

Next steps for the Militia: Tryouts continue into January

Next steps for me: keep working on my hands and start working on my footwork.  My hands need to keep getting better, and my feet need to get faster!

Next post on ETC: look out for Holiday/Travel Workouts and Tips!

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