Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Small Successes in Crossfit :: Trials in Football

I kipped for the first time today!

I just thought I would try it.  I try to kip a pull-up here and there, but I usually run into one of the following issues:

1. I get too excited about my swing and can't control it
2. My hands hurt from lifting something
3. My muscles are beat after a WOD

Today, there was some time for skill work between our SWOD and our CWOD at CFB, so I hoped up on the bar. Forward-back-up!  My chin went over the bar!  I was actually so surprised I thought it was an accident.  So I got down, shook it out and hoped back up.  Forward-back-up, forward-back-up!

2 in a row = not an accident

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I did not met my goal of 5 kipping pull-ups in a row.  That is okay, it felt great.  It felt even better when we started our CWOD:

3 Rounds for time of
35 Double Unders, 35 Sit-ups, 35 Squats

On my first round, I strung 25 double-unders together.  The most I have ever done in a row, before today, was 9.  Huge.  I was the first woman in my class to finish with 9:16.

Sometimes it feels like the gains are not happening until you do a movement you have not tried in a while.  Today I saw big gains.  This gives me a shot of confidence going into tomorrow's Boston Militia player evaluations.  I have met my 12-day challenge of catching a football 50+ times a day; I'm ready for the next step.

Here we go!

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  1. GO MER!!!! This is awesome news. You and your jacked arms are going to kick some serious butt tomorrow. Keep it up!!