Saturday, December 4, 2010

NEW OUTPUT CHALLENGE: Catch a Football Everyday!

1. Because the Head Coach, Coach Beasley of the Boston Militia told me to
2. AND I just found out that player evaluations/tryouts will be held December 11th, and 16th, a MONTH sooner than I originally thought

The Plan:
To work on my wide-receiver skills Coach Beasley suggested that I find a friend and start catching a football 50+ times a day: catch with fingertips, bring the ball to the body and tuck, alternating sides of my body.  I have enlisted my roommate to help me with this (thank you for volunteering and practicing with me in the kitchen).  The back-up plan was recommended to me by a football friend, is to lie on my back and throw the ball in the air to myself.

by Brero

Goals for this Output Challenge:
1. To start feeling like this is a motion that I am performing competently and unconsciously

This probably will not take more than a few minutes a day but it needs to happen EVERYDAY.  There are only twelve days between now and the 16th (when I will be going to evaluations/tryouts), that means that I am going to make this a 12-day challenge.

Challenge Ends: December 16th, 2010

Any on point wide-receiver drills?  Let me know!

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