Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pull-Ups: a Public Display

Public displays of data are influential: they tell us where we started, they help us track our progress, they show us where we have succeeded, and where we could do more.  Starting tomorrow (only because I do not have the materials tonight), I am going to track one thing:

1. Pull-ups 
One morning (the day after I hobbled away from my 5k run), I went to Crossfit Boston again which in itself felt like a win.  Neal Thompson, the owner of CFB, was the coach at the box that morning.  The workouts for the day were:

SWOD: Back Squat
CWOD: AMRAP in 15 min. of
10-Chest to Deck Push-Ups
15-20'' Box Jumps

As I went to grab my usual blue band to assist me on my pull-ups Neal told me to put it back, he asked me if I could do one pull-up, I said yes.  Neal then added the following, "That's how you will do them then, 1-by-1.  You are never allowed to use a band again.  And if I see you using a band you owe me 1,000 burpees in a weighted-vest."

Motivation enough for me.

With the bands gone, I only finished 5 complete rounds of a WOD where others complete 8 to 14 rounds.  I am competitive, and until I successfully learn how to kip my pull-ups, dead hang pull-ups (this video also has a great demo of the kip) will make me significantly slower.  

It is frustrating, but I'm getting better.  I hang my pull-up bar in my door every night when I get home from work and I have to do a pull-up (at least) every time I walk by it--the idea of another very motivational coach Alex, at CFB!

Today I did 5 dead hang pull-ups in a row.  The kip will come.  I hear practicing helps :)

Since I like competitions so much, I decided I would have a competition with myself (and either of my roommates if they will tolerate it) to see how many pull-ups I can accumulate in a day.  So far I have done anywhere from 3 and upwards of 12.  Pictures to be posted ASAP of the public display!  It will be in my kitchen.

Make your weakness your strength.  What should you track?

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